Why Choose Us?

Extraordinary Complete Clean provides professional interior cleaning services for both commercial and residential locations. We individualize services for all of our customers and strive to accommodate all of our customers' requests. 

A Better Clean

Our Rainbow cleaning system uses water filtration along with high suction to clean carpets thoroughly. Hard surface floors are cleaned with the Rainbow Super Mop to suction all dirty water away from the floor's surface and leaving a brilliant shine. 

Cleaning with Mindfulness

Caring about the outcome is priority for all of our customers. The goal is to clean for another in the same way you would want to have someone clean for you. This allows for our customers to make personalized requests and have those fulfilled. 

What are clients have to say about us

Our Testimonials

After having several cleaners in the last 6 months they cleaned for me Sunday and my house is perfect now. They are very good cleaners and they mopped my floors. Excellent company great people.

-Deanna Duemmel